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Chudleigh and Molly


Baygirl Kurtz
Her Mamma calls this little San Francisco tidbit "Baygirl" but the Brockhoffs call her a Fuzzy Little Smartypants because she's just too smart for her own britches!

Rufus Buffalo Strovers
Bananarama has become one of the breed of monkeys now extinct, largely, it seems, because Rufus Buffalo Strovers uses him for practice in subduing simian terrorists.

Gracie Brockhoff
Grand-Dog Gracie Brockhoff, a youngster herself, prefers young ACTIVE monkeys she can swing around in circles.

Cameo Haight
"You want me to do WHAT with that beast?" asks Cameo Haight. "I don't THINK so."

Coal Sprecher
"People are gonna think Uncle Mitty took that chunk out of my nose." Coal Sprecher appears intimidated by monkeys.

Brynn Brockhoff
Brynn Brockhoff doesn't appear to think Monster Monkey is too big for her, nor does she appear inclined to share him with Charles and Diana.

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Special thanks to our Contributing Artists for
allowing their designs to join our own copyrighted Designer Dogs:
Jazz and Rainey by Mik Wilkens Design Inc.
Proud Howard by Jen Howard Art
Betty is owned by Sue Ross of Silk Road Collars
Davie is based upon the original artwork of Anita Gersch
Double Dogs was originally designed by Mary Beth Arthur of Marial Whippets
Rainbow Bridge Painting by Jeanni Davis of Dragonflyte Creations
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