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Annie Mulder
"Strawberry Shortcake," Annie Mulder addresses her new monkey, "what say we stretch out together and get a little shut-eye?"

Brownie Major-Patton
"WHEEEEE! I'm Baby Schiff, a lucky stiff! Fruit Loops and I can FLY! I toss 'im up and pin 'im down, there's no luckier girl than I!"

Specky Mekker
Can you say "Specky Mekker" 3 times fast? That's OK. He can't say "Fruit Loops" either.

Cara Bast
"Spoiled? NOT. I was born to be a princess." (Cara Bast)

Gizzy Mekker
"You have 30 seconds to let go," says Gizzy Mekker. "Consider this fair warning."

Coal Sprecher
"Mitty and I need a little nappy," yawns Coal Sprecher. "Call us when it's time for walkies, OK?"

Ruby Eckert
Ruby Eckert goes to the mat with TWO monkeys - she appears to have Snowy down, but Saucy may take the advantage with a reverse headlock.

Cody Eberhard
"This may look warm and fuzzy, but Rambo and I are really tough macho guys," says Cody Eberhard.

Sarah Sibell
"I thod I had a code in da doze," Sarah Sibell complains, "but it was only Strawberry Shortcake."

Geterbug Krautbauer
"Okay, OKAY. I surrender. Now lemme GO!" laments Skye monkey to Geterbug Krautbauer.

Kilohana Newman
"I think of them all," says Kilohana Newman, "as my children."

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Special thanks to our Contributing Artists for
allowing their designs to join our own copyrighted Designer Dogs:
Jazz and Rainey by Mik Wilkens Design Inc.
Proud Howard by Jen Howard Art
Betty is owned by Sue Ross of Silk Road Collars
Davie is based upon the original artwork of Anita Gersch
Double Dogs was originally designed by Mary Beth Arthur of Marial Whippets
Rainbow Bridge Painting by Jeanni Davis of Dragonflyte Creations
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