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Corben Holewinski
"Do I BITE it? or KISS it? Either way, its a keeper!" (Corben Holewinski)

Byron Gonsalves
"This is so undignified. I'm gonna kill this monkey." (Byron Gonsalves)

Kate Brockhoff
"They didn't say this place would be Monkey Heaven too!" (Kate Brockhoff)

Kitty-Kitty Persing

Onyx Myers
Abandoned, then homed twice before, Onyx Myers is permanent NOW and gets all the monkeys he wants!

Easy Holewinski
Whaddya want, Easy?
"I'll take Uncle Mitty. Now ask me a HARD question." (Easy Holewinski)

Phoebe and Elsa
Monkey, Phoebe? Or cat?
"I'll take Elsa, thanks.
Cats make softer pillows."

Trey Davis
"I'm from a long line of Maine Coon Cats
and I'm picky about who I sleep with."
(Trey Davis)

Kayla Green
"A monkey and a new house, too? I'm the luckiest girl EVER!" (Kayla Green)

Ozzie Rice
 "Skye and I are totally wrapped up in one another!" says Ozzie Rice.

Seek Goldstein
"Let's play! You hide, I'll seek. Oh wait - I AM "Seek"! (Goldstein)

Ellie, Midnight, and Bailey Belyea

Doc Kueberth
"Yes," says Doc Kueberth, "you have to
stay in here. It's for your own protection."

Geoffery & Seek Goldstein
Geoffery to Seek Goldstein: "I don't care what Fruit Loops LOOKS like, he's still MINE!"

Emma Jones
"Go for it," says Emma Jones. "I dare ya to try."

Cooper Persing
 "Hold STILL, 'Rama. Like it or not, I've got nits for you!" says Cooper Persing.

Chinadoll Samson
"Mom SAID I could have 'im. Really!" (Chinadoll Sampson)

Darlene Bauman
Darlene Bauman and PB & J have matching collars - at least for now, they do....

Percy Razon
"I may LOOK like a 'Rambo' kinda guy, but I’m really just a snuggler." (Percy Razor)

Tatum Wafer
"I LOVE this color!" says Tatum Wafer.
"I can find him anywhere - even in the dark!"

Moccasin Holewinski
After a hard day of Meet & Greeting, Moccasin Holewinski deserves a soft bed
and a softer (albeit noisy) pillow.

Rihannah Sampson
"PILLOW?" asks 8-pound Rihannah Sampson. "Shadow is a whole BED, eh?"

Lady Mekker
"I've got him down," says Lady Mekker. "NOW what am I supposed to do with him?"

Fabian Brockhoff
"This'll do for appetizers - I'll have PB&J for dinner and Strawberry Shortcake for dessert," suggests Fabian Brockhoff.

Sergei Wilkens
Sergei Wilkens meets Rambo: "Hey, we're both sorta camo-colored, aren't we? You're a greyt welcome present!"

Zorro Bray
"Take that, Shadow! All that screaming won't help you. It is I, Zorro Bray, who casts the largest shadow of all."

Speedy Snyder
"I am Speedy Snyder - when I wanna be. Sometimes, like when I feel like cuddling with Fruit Loops, I prefer Sleepy Snyder."

Cara Bast
Cara Bast appears to be giving Fletcher a Raspberry while keeping Fruit Loops under cover. "You can't have 'im, Fletch!"

Brandy Vaceluker
"Maybe if I curl up tight around my Easter Froggie, nobody will ever know I'm hiding him." (Brandy Vaceluke)

Abby Bray
Nits and kisses, Maude, means Abby Bray loves you best.

You're cheating, Zinnia. This is a monkey page.

Brynn Brockhoff
"I didn't steal her, I rescued her," explains Brynn Brockhoff

Cashe Sampson
"A full tummy, a soft bed, my own gorilla..." ponders Cache Sampson. "It's a little slice of heaven, isn't it?"

Lexi Bray
Lexi Bray seems perplexed: "It's mine? To keep? It's awful noisy. So, what am I supposed to do with it?"

Tuscany Kindler
"If you want this monkey," states Tuscany Kindler, "you're gonna have
to come through ME..."

Truffles Austin
"Glamor comes with entitlement - it's
common knowledge. And I'm entitled
to two monkeys." (Truffles Austin)

Stan Watts
Stan Watts in the UK, at
12 years, was enjoying increasingly quiet evenings until Georgie arrived...


Cara Bast
Christmas or Easter? Uh..EASTER! Froggies are the BEST!" (Obvious from Cara Bast's expression!)

Gina Austin
"Pampered? I deserve it!" boasts Gina Austin. "Maybe I'll add some highlights after my shampoo."

Thunder Dumais

Riley Mekker

Pharaoh Murphy

"It's true, we're male models. Fortunately, we don't have to do any of those underwear ads other than an occasional Belly Band. We've got good agents, so its mostly coats and monkeys. All things considered, it's not a bad living."
(US citizens Thunder Dumais and Riley Mekker, with Australian, Pharaoh Murphy)


The McMahon's, Bonkers and Felicity
"Leggo you Chubby Mutt!"
"No, YOU leggo, you hairless string-bean!"
The McMahon's, Bonkers and Felicity, discuss their custody battle over Banarama.

Emma and Barnaby Ayers
Emma and Barnaby Ayers approach
decisions with more civility:
"You can HAVE Banarama, I'm taking Arnold with me! Na na na na NAH na!"

Annie Long
"You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out..." Annie Long loves the "shake it all about" part!

Barney Trottier
"You guys are my very best friends," snuggles Barney Trottier. "I'm the luckiest guy ever - GROUP HUG!"

Calista and Genevieve Simon
Calista and Genevieve Simon demonstrate the best way to catch a monkey: A: sneak up cautiously, or
B: the surprise-from-behind maneuver!

Dreamie and Max Russo
"Stay right where you are, Dreamie'" warns Max Russo. "Don't be bringin' that Mitty Monkey over on this soft bed with my Valentine!

Maddie Anderson
"Gimme, gimme GIMME!" growls Maddie Anderson. "This is MY Valentine and you can't HAVE 'im!"

Mazie Paquette
You can tell by her collar that JellyBelly was one of Mazie Paquette's MANY Christmas presents!

Hunter Copland
Topping the FBI's Most Wanted list is Hunter Copland who stole this monkey from a defenseless kitty!

Emma Jones

Oprah Jones

Bugsy Jones

The Jones Family (some of them). Have you ever seen anyone happier with Valentine Screamers? Oddly enough, after these photos were taken, a new greyhound arrived and you'll never guess her name.... NO, not "monkey"! "VALENTINE!"

Angel Allen
"Eenie meenie miny mo...." Angel Allen contemplates where to begin.

Fletcher Bast
Fletcher Bast knows exactly where to begin: A nice nap with Snowy!

Phoebe and Millie Gilfeather
"Uh... excuse me," mentions Phoebe Gilfeather politely to Millie. "I believe Strawberry Shortcake belongs to me.
But Fruit Loops is pretty, too..."

KoolAid Ashley
"Strawberry shortcake certainly IS beautiful," agrees KoolAid Ashley, "and when I grow up, I want to be just like
her! (And just as BIG, too!)"

Brandy Vaceluke
Brandy Vaceluke really knows how to snuggle with Froggie!
(Or is Froggie being guarded?)

Pyppy McMurtry
"Take THAT you big purple brute! Just because I'm little, I'm no push-over!" (Pyppy McMurtry)

Azi Danskin
Of all the Danskin kids, only Azi the Azawakh appears to accept monkeys with aplomb.

Augie Danskin
"Stand back, everybody," worries Augie Danskin, " I think we've got an alien in the house!"

Barbie Danskin
"Not to worry, Augie," says Barbie Danskin. "I won't let 'em try anything. You're safe with ME here."

Desert Dog Ruqi the Saluki seems to be thinking, "Strange prey they have in this country... but easy enough to catch!"

Pan Loveridge
"Are you SURE I'm in Barcelona?" dreams Pan Loveridge. "It's not what I remember from 2 years ago. It feels more like heaven!"  

Gilly Girl
As natural to them as racing, the Gilly Girls don't require specialized training to perform "Dances With Monkeys."  

Ramon Mulder
"BE AWARE!" warns Ramon Mulder. "Notice this collar? I take MY monkeys seriously. Don't even THINK about disturbing my nap."

Uncle Mittie and Mike Bass
Uncle Mittie figures that if he kisses up to pilot Mike Bass, he might get another free ride to Dewey - only this time, in the cabin.

Brownie Major-Patton
Puppy Brownie Major-Patton, a tri-athlete, swims in Peugeot Sound, wrestles monkeys in the jungle, and pees like a racehorse.

Annie Mulder
"Strawberry Shortcake," Annie Mulder addresses her new monkey, "what say we stretch out together and get a little shut-eye?"

Brownie Major-Patton
"WHEEEEE! I'm Baby Schiff, a lucky stiff! Fruit Loops and I can FLY! I toss 'im up and pin 'im down, there's no luckier girl than I!"

Specky Mekker
Can you say "Specky Mekker" 3 times fast? That's OK. He can't say "Fruit Loops" either.

Cara Bast
"Spoiled? NOT. I was born to be a princess." (Cara Bast)

Gizzy Mekker
"You have 30 seconds to let go," says Gizzy Mekker. "Consider this fair warning."

Coal Sprecher
"Mitty and I need a little nappy," yawns Coal Sprecher. "Call us when it's time for walkies, OK?"

Ruby Eckert
Ruby Eckert goes to the mat with TWO monkeys - she appears to have Snowy down, but Saucy may take the advantage with a reverse headlock.

Cody Eberhard
"This may look warm and fuzzy, but Rambo and I are really tough macho guys," says Cody Eberhard.

Sarah Sibell
"I thod I had a code in da doze," Sarah Sibell complains, "but it was only Strawberry Shortcake."

Geterbug Krautbauer
"Okay, OKAY. I surrender. Now lemme GO!" laments Skye monkey to Geterbug Krautbauer.

Kilohana Newman
"I think of them all," says Kilohana Newman, "as my children."

Chudleigh and Molly


Baygirl Kurtz
Her Mamma calls this little San Francisco tidbit "Baygirl" but the Brockhoffs call her a Fuzzy Little Smartypants because she's just too smart for her own britches!

Rufus Buffalo Strovers
Bananarama has become one of the breed of monkeys now extinct, largely, it seems, because Rufus Buffalo Strovers uses him for practice in subduing simian terrorists.

Gracie Brockhoff
Grand-Dog Gracie Brockhoff, a youngster herself, prefers young ACTIVE monkeys she can swing around in circles.

Cameo Haight
"You want me to do WHAT with that beast?" asks Cameo Haight. "I don't THINK so."

Coal Sprecher
"People are gonna think Uncle Mitty took that chunk out of my nose." Coal Sprecher appears intimidated by monkeys.

Brynn Brockhoff
Brynn Brockhoff doesn't appear to think Monster Monkey is too big for her, nor does she appear inclined to share him with Charles and Diana.

Andretti Foxworthy
Andretti Foxworthy is introduced to Banarama at only 12 weeks. They appear to have made fast (and noisy) friends.

Neil Wrona
When Neil Wrona was delivered to his Forever Home, Razzleberry was there to welcome him!

Switcher Lawrence-Cockle
"This is a GIRL monkey, Chico, it's MINE. Go find your own monkey," demands Switcher Lawrence-Cockle.

Winnie Haverland
Senior girls get the softest beds and the biggest and best monkeys. Winnie Haverland demonstrates.

Loki Kistler-Davis
Which is real? Which is the toy?
Loki Kistler-Davis helped sell monkeys at Dewey.

Murphy Peasley
Youngster Murphy Peasley invited Starbuck all the way to Hawaii to play!
Aloha, Murph!

Cheech Nusen
If Cheech Nusen thinks he's having problems NOW, just wait 'til this Dane pup grows UP!

Falana Jamieson
Newly arrived Falana Jamieson discovers monkeys late in life and isn't certain what to think of Starbuck.

Bonnie Bast
"I dreamed of a tall, dark and handsome young hound," bemoans Bonnie Bast, "and awoke to a noisy purple monkey."

Rex and Lexie Chadbourne
"Why you little whippersnapper..." warns Rex as Lexie proves that
bigger does not always mean BETTER in the Chadbourne household.

Nitro Stolzenberger
"I many not be able to play with an injured shoulder," says Nitro Stolzenberger, "but I can guard."

Acey Baumen
Acey Baumen prefers Snow Monkeys to Snow Bunnies anyday!

  Thaw Reeves
"Starbuck is down for the count," says Thaw Reeves. "I've got him in a head lock and he's not getting up anytime soon."

Time Reeves
Littermate, Time Reeves, shows Thaw how to secure two gorillas at once.

Pelusa Mcgarigal
"A MONKEY? What's a monkey?" asks galgo Pelusa Mcgarigal. "We don't have monkeys in Spain!"

Roady Buchman
"Is there a monkey for me, too?" asks Roady Buchman. Who could resist eyes like these?

Kyri Ivy
"Is she asleep yet?" Kyri Ivy pretends nonchalance awaiting an opportunity to retrieve Lady Bug.

Warrior Smith
"In just a few months," dreams Poodle pup Warrior Smith, "the shoe is gonna be on the other foot! Just WAIT."

Heisman Skinner
"Hi! I'm Heisman Skinner. Do you have a shirt with my picture on it? I'm the star of Heisman GH Art!"

Sugie Waddell
Sugie, newest addition to the Waddell household, required no monkey instructions when presented with her welcome present.

Kiah Bauman
"I AM behaving myself, Mom! I'm staying right here on the rug just like you told me," says Kiah Bauman. "WHAT monkey???"

Coby Brockhoff
Ours is a multi-colored family:Ohio Brockhoffs are Golden, CA Brockhoffs are Grey, but they all love monkeys like Cincinnati Coby does!

Maggie Malat
"Notice how fast Starbuck learned to roach?" asks Maggie Malat. " I TAUGHT her that! Horses aren't so good at roaching, though."

Isabella and Timmy Burmeister
"No, it's not smoke and mirrors, we're Isabella and Timmy Burmeister, and we each have our own monkeys!"

Casino McKee
Casino McKee was comforted by Fruit Loops as he awaited his brother's arrival into his new home. We'll bet he'll get a monkey, too!

Titus Elrod
"Every once in a while I like to let Arnold think he's winning," says Titus Elrod. "He gets such a kick out of thinking he's in charge!"

Hilde and Phoenix Walsh
"This gorilla is bringing kisses to ME, Phoenix!"
"Lemme HAVE him," insists Hilde Walsh.

Grommit and Keta Caldwell
Just a baby Whippet, Grommit Caldwell loves to snuggle with Keta and Jelly Roll together.

Lorenz Family
The Lorenz Family:
To each his own (screamer).

Rosie and Biscuit Hopple
"NO FEET allowed in tug-o-war, Rosie!" says Biscuit Hopple. "You're cheating and I'm TELLING"

India Morris
India Morris would never go out in public without appearing well coordinated.

Freedom Clark
"This monkey's STRINGY. I need a NEW one, Mom!" Freedom Clark complains.

Indy Lubner
"I'll tolerate almost anything to get my picture taken (and a cookie)," says Indy Lubner.

Pooh Sturgeon John Burke Keno Cash
Scooby O'Donoghue Penny Weiss

Sometimes owners tell us their dogs prefer MATCHING monkeys and at Northcoast Greyhounds, we do our best to fill the bill as is demonstrated by Pooh Sturgeon, John Burke, Keno Cash, Scooby O'Donoghue, and Penny Weiss.

Krier Trottier
Krier Trottier made monkeys famous when this picture appeared in the newspaper!

Louis Welch
"REALLY," says Louis Welch,
"I just wanna be friends."

Callie and Puss Young
Poor Callie Young. She didn't realize she'd have to share her bed AND her monkey with Puss.

Oliver Thompson
Iggie Oliver Thompson DARES his monkey to scream.

Little Guys



Special thanks to our Contributing Artists for
allowing their designs to join our own copyrighted Designer Dogs:
Jazz and Rainey by Mik Wilkens Design Inc.
Proud Howard by Jen Howard Art
Betty is owned by Sue Ross of Silk Road Collars
Davie is based upon the original artwork of Anita Gersch
Double Dogs was originally designed by Mary Beth Arthur of Marial Whippets
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