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Tasha Sears Brockhoff 1993-2007

Tasha Sears Brockhoff 1993-2007 - Click For EnlargementWhen we got the call on New Year's Eve from Nancy in Berkley saying that she could no longer care for Tasha, Jerry and I arranged for friends to stay with our greyhounds so we could drive down to pick her up immediately. We both understood that giving up this girl, who had spent the majority of her 14 years with Nancy, had to be among the most difficult things Nancy had ever done. She believed she'd be able to keep Tasha until she crossed the bridge.....

Considering the fact that she was eating little, I doubt that would have been very long, but Tasha had a stong will- I believe she just didn't want to leave Nancy any more than Nancy could imagine parting with her.

When we brought Tasha home, she exhibited that same will: suddenly she had greyhound friends. Suddenly she had lots of green grass and the freedom to wander in it unleashed. She wasn't about to leave us without spending a little time to enjoy this new experience! It was comical, actually, to see her continually coming in one door and going out another to roam a big green yard at will. She was accustomed, as it were, to a few blocks of Berkley sidewalk. So amused were Jerry and I at Tasha's new infatuation with freedom, that we took lots of pictures of her comings and her goings- pictures which would amuse few others than the three of us who loved her, and knew her so personally, and we shared every one of them with her true owner.

I suppose Tasha loved us, too- at least she tolerated our attentions if we could catch her before she headed outside again. Sadly, her appetite never improved- Tasha was fourteen years old, after all - a good long, and well-loved life for a greyhound.

Little did Tasha know that even greener pastures awaited her. Few deserved them more.

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