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Dyna Brockhoff 1998-2013

 Dyna Brockhoff 1998-2013 - Click For EnlargementJuly 13, 2013

Vibrant and determined as Dyna was, we were certain she'd set a record for us by turning 15 in October- even 16 the following October. Instead, the demon osteosarcoma robbed us of our joy unexpectedly.

Dyna was delivered to Dr. Suzanne Stack in Yuma in February of 2012 with orders to put her down because she was 13 and her mouth was bleeding. Dr. Stack conspired with Barbara and Bob at Homestretch and delivered this girl to California after her dental and then Jerry and I drove to Southern CA to pick her up and bring her home.

With a personality as forceful as Dyna's, a year and a half provided a lifetime of amazement. We admired her courage- not once did we hear a whine or a whimper from Dyna if she sprawled on the two carpeted steps to our Greyt room- she'd just pick herself up and keep on truckin', as we jumped to unnecessary rescue. She grew more and more strong in the months that followed her arrival.

Dyna made us laugh every day as she barked in our faces - often getting all four feet off the ground in her exuberance - for attention, never hesitating to flick away your extended hand if it was a cookie she wanted instead of petting. She drank only from her own water bowl at the end of the yard. She slept in one bed in our bedroom, finding the other seven just unacceptable. Dyna would walk all the way around deck and patio to use the same two steps to the kitchen that were there when she arrived- nevermind that new construction added those two steps all the way around the deck. She preferred one of two beds in the Greyt Room and, were they already taken, would walk circles around the couch until we removed one of the dogs from the bed she preferred.

Dyna definitely knew enough to come in out of the rain, she just didn't want to - she reveled in it as wet towels piled up by the kitchen door and we once again, found her wandering in the drizzle. I keep wishing I'd managed to be prepared with a camera for her daily sprints across the back yard..

With kitchen construction going on, the dogs were forced to use the dog door in the hallway which led to six steps and Dyna, despite a limp from a fall on garage steps two weeks ago, used them regularly- even until we took her to the vet yesterday morning. Xrays revealed an obvious bone lesion the vet feared would be easily broken. Dyna was in pain and the trip to the hospital exacerbated her discomfort, so Dr. Reynolds came to our home in the afternoon.

Our Dyna was fearless. She was determined. She was brave and strong and demanding, and the impression she has left upon our lives is indescribable. Losing her and Stu and Alyssa and Kate within the last three months feels, at the moment, unbearable.

Now, our memories must sustain us and in the best of moments, make us smile. Maybe this video, "No More Cookies",will give you an inkling of who this girl was- and make you smile, too.

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