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Buddy Brockhoff 2006-2018

Buddy Brockhoff 2006-2018 - Click For EnlargementWhen I emailled Jerry the picture of one of GALT’s “Hall of Famers” (senior greyhounds), 11-year-old-Buddy (racing name: Rambo), he called me within minutes to plan his drive to Texas. Jerry figured that the original Rambo, also adopted at 11 and his heart dog of all time, must have been sending him a message.

Happily fostered with Lonnie & Marian Jones (and tolerated by the infamous Smokey!) Buddy was jumped to head-of-the-line status with Dr. Culp, so I could fly to Dallas to attend the Athlete’s Dinner with the McQuades, and then fly to the Jones’ in Amerillo to meet Jerry and Buddy and drive home to California together. The timing was crucial.

Not a kissy-sort of affectionate guy, Buddy was definitely of the touchy-feely sort - yipping constantly for pets and rubs and strokes and making you get down on the floor for it. He yipped for treats (he got ‘em!). He yipped for walkies and Jerry accommodated him morning, noon and night. Buddy loved car rides best – exactly what Jerry had hoped, and was content to sleep in his van during grocery trips, doctor appointments, etc.

One thing Buddy did not like was the dog park - there weren’t any greyhounds there. And greyhounds were the only dogs he actually enjoyed being around. He totally ignored any other breed and would pull us across the street to avoid strangers’ forced introductions. Thank goodness for The Andersons’ regular greyhound parties!

Were Buddy younger, and Jerry and I in a better location to take him to Meet & greets, Buddy would have been the ideal ambassador- he was a big and beautiful and very calm boy who sought out human attention, yet totally ignored roosters and kitties and ducks- even when they flew in his face. However did he race when he had no prey drive at all???

Yes, we expected more time with this perfect boy, but osteo reared its ugly head and took Buddy’s comfort more quickly than we’d experienced in the past despite a series of radiation treatments. Ten months was not enough time with Buddy – it never is. Nor is 10 years.

But ten months of Buddy Love are a treasure for which we will forever be greytful. We wouldn’t have missed this time for the world.


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